The Book

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I found myself single. Then I followed the classic four-step break up protocol:

Unfriend. Unfollow. Untag. Uncork.

I wrote (& drank) my way through that first heartbreak, as I did with every mistake, headache, & heartache thereafter. And so, with wit & a wee bit of wine Korkscrewed was created.

Whatever your relationship status, this book is for you.

Korkscrewed: The Cocktail Confessions of a Modern Dating Girl, is a series of dating revelations, anecdotes and awkward encounters that I have collected in my humble twenty-six years. Enclosed are the perfect cocktail pairings that have made each chapter of my dating life all the more bearable. These chapters were written in every stage of the dating game. From that first tipsy typing session to the published pages you’re reading now, I have dated some “nuts,” kissed some “flakes,” and been convinced (once or twice) that I’d found my “prize.”

So I apologize, dear reader, if you have picked up this book in false-hope that these Pepto-pink pages will cure your dating nausea. If anything, this book will only cause a hangover.  

With wit & wine